Autonomous mobility for all

We aim to provide autonomous, electric and shared mobility solutions for both people and goods, through the creation of Autonomous Mobility Networks (AMNs).

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guiding principles

To lead the driverless revolution, we have strong guiding principles


We bring the best partners for the right tech to deliver one-of-a-kind services

From ground to high-level

We think beyond our services and anticipate our impacts on the long-term

Social and ecological driven

We are driven by social, ecological, and economic objectives

Europe-wide, Europe first

We are a European team putting Europe at the forefront of our business strategy

Market regulation

Licencing is key to ensure the successful development of AMNs in Europe

Building a European regulatory model based on European values and interests is essential to guarantee European sovereignty.

Roland Berger and Goggo Network undertook an in-depth study of alternative market organisation scenarios, from open market access to a conventional licensing model. As set forth in the study report, the latter model is the most suitable to addressing the economic and social challenges of Europe.

Within this licensing model, Goggo Network would join a consortium to apply to the regulatory authority for a mobility operator licence.

Check out our joint study with Roland Berger


Panel conference about the regulatory models for autonomous mobility services

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